Hi, I share an alma mater, Columbia University with Barack Obama and  Eric Holder, the soon to be Attorney General.  I also graduated from Oberlin College, as did the mayor of D.C. and many others. I’m a published writer on business, politics, social issues, civil rights and women’s empowerment.  I’m a mother of two and a wife of over twenty years.  I’m still in the game, hustling, while under-employed.  I also have expertise in international affairs, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa. I’m completing a doctorate at Union Institute and preparing for an empty nest this fall.

One response to “About

  1. Hello World.

    The sun is rising just for us now. (The Wiz) It’s a new day. Black is back in. We’re back on the list, back in style. Back in the groove. Yes, we can.

    Change has come to America!!!!!!

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