The Elephant in the Room

elephant vs donkeyCould it be that the Hillary Hatred is more about gender than emails? It just seems to me, no pun intended, that Hillary’s gender is the elephant in the room.  It’s there everyone sees it, but no one discusses it.  Her opponent is not only less qualified, he is as the President said recently,” totally unqualified and ill-prepared.” His resume against hers would be laughable, even in a mood of “get rid of the bums.”  See we already know when people say that they mean get rid of the bums from another state, not ours.

How else can you explain that a man who has been twice divorced, swears like a sailor and utters more bigoted things than a Klan member on steroids is even considered worthy to be on the same ballot? In any previous election just one of the Republican nominee’s gaffes and derogatory statements would have been enough to drum him out the race, without the instantaneous echo of Twitter.  What gives him a bullet-proof vest against the bullets and arrows that come up against him readily?  Is it a special teflon coating?  Or is it just the subliminal messaging of, “boys will be boys.”

You ask where does the elephant sit, and the answer is:  anywhere it wants.  That’s because it’s an elephant and who is going to stop it.  In this case, that’s how the media is treating the Republican flag bearer:  he is the nominee and he has certain rights, privileges protections and immunities that come with the titles: male and nominee.  True enough, but that still doesn’t explain why someone hasn’t washed his mouth out with soap.

Could it be that somewhere lurking in the hearts of men, and some women, is a fear and mistrust of a woman’s leadership that is so deep and resentful that it is too embarrassed to face itself?  Instead, it comes out in other ways with words like “weak, lying and devil.”

Hillary’s run for President is historic.  We’ve come a long way.  But, that doesn’t mean there aren’t those who like Shakespeare’s Hamlet, would “rather bear the ills we have than fly to those we know not of.”  In other words, there have been 44 men, so we know about men, but what about a woman?

Yes she’s Superwoman, like Sidney Poitier’s character in “Guess Whose Coming to Dinner,” far above reproach on the resume.  So now its all vague feelings about not liking her as a person, when 99% of us don’t know her personally.  Only in America.  We’ve paid lip service to equality for women for generations, now we get to vote on it. Can’t wait to see the numbers roll in.




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